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  1. Tickets for Entertainment (Ticketmaster)
      Provides tickets for music events, sports, arts, and theater. 09-09

  2. Entertainment

  3. Academy Awards 2014 (
      Provides the winners. 03-14

  4. Entertainment Search (CNet)
      Provides keyword searches within the topic. 1-01

  5. Synopses of Current Movies (Entertainment Weekly)

  6. India - Daily Life in Ancient India (Donn)
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. 03-06

  7. -Daily Life in Ancient Times (Donn) star
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. Includes ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and India. 03-06

  8. How Common Things Work (How Stuff Works - Brain)
      Choose from categories like Engines, Electronics, Computers, Food, Science and Technology, Automotive, Music and Entertainment, the Internet, Health and Nutrition, Sports, Home Improvement, In Public, Travel, or Money.

  9. Daily Life for Ancient Egyptians (Donn)
      Provides articles about daily life, such as toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other details. 03-06

  10. Famous People with Name Changes (Famous Name Changes)
      Provides a short profile of hundreds of persons in sports, entertainment, acting, singing, politics, or religion. Also provides their name at birth, birth date, death date (if they have died), and place of birth. For example, Tom Cruise was originally Thomas Cruise Mapother and Cher's name used to be Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere. 8-01

  11. New Generation of DVD's (CNN News)
      "The electronics and entertainment industries are shaping up for the biggest format battle since the 'video wars' between VHS and Betamax to decide the future of DVD." 11-04

  12. Carson, Johnny (CBS News)
      "President Bush described Carson as 'a steady and reassuring presence in homes across America for three decades. His wit and insight made Americans laugh and think and had a profound influence on American life and entertainment.' " 1-05

  13. Davis, Ossie (
      Provides a biography of the actor. "In addition to a luminous career in entertainment, Davis has also been an eloquent and prominent figure for the civil rights movement." 1-05

  14. Cosby, Bill (
      "Although he has always avoided racial humor in his comedy, he began to speak out about portrayals of African Americans in American entertainment in the 1990s. Upon his 1994 induction into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, Cosby asked network television executives to 'stop this horrible massacre of images [of African Americans] that are being put on the screen now. I'm begging you, because it isn't us.' In 1998, Cosby was among five performers who were saluted at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. A ceremony was held at the Kennedy Center and was attended by President and Mrs. Clinton." 1-05

  15. Miller, Arthur (ABC News)
      Provides a biography. "Miller's cannon of theatrical masterpieces includes 'The Crucible' and 'A View From the Bridge,' but he'll also be remembered for standing up to the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the McCarthy era, and for lighting up gossip pages with his five-year marriage to Marilyn Monroe."

      " 'Miller is, without a doubt, one of the top five most important playwrights of the 20th century.' " according to entertainment critic Dean Richards. 2-05

  16. Traditional Native American Stories (Giese)
      "Aadizookaan -- means (in Anishinaabemowin, or Ojibwe language) 'a traditional story', what anthros and others seem to like calling legends or myths. These are -- or in their original, were -- often sacred. Those represnt large themes of human existence: where we came from, how we should live, reconcilliation to the tragedies of life, thankfulness There are smaller stories: teaching, humorous, answering 'Why?' questions about natural phenomena and behavior."

      "Native myths, as opposed to tall tales and little stories for children, are not entertainment. It is important that you cite the source from which you transcribed it, the collector or non-Indian reteller-translator of the myth, and if given, the original teller. And, of course, the tribe."

      "I think Native myths are meaningless removed from cultural context, but if there is any educational value to them, they must be identified with a specific people, time, and place." 8-05

  17. Engine Idle Replacement Auxillary Power Unit (
      "Long haul truck drivers idle their trucks to heat or cool their cab during the federally-required 10 hours rest period for every 11 on the road. Idling results in poor rest for the driver, consumes fuel while moving no product, reduces engine life, requires additional engine maintenance, and pollutes the air."

      "IdleAire allows drivers to shut off their engines by providing heating and cooling wherever long-haul trucks idle. The only 'retrofit' is a $10 window adapter for the truck. IdleAire also provides electrical outlets and a variety of communication and entertainment options for the driver." 08-07

  18. -11-20-20 Fierce Debate in Iraq on American Troop Withdrawal (
      "Not since the start of the Saddam Hussein trial have Iraqis been so transfixed by a legal and legislative debate. The to-ing and fro-ing over the status of forces agreement (SOFA) with the U.S. has turned parliamentary politics into primetime entertainment." 11-08

  19. -04-16-09 How People Are Coping With the Recession (
      Provides 17 stories, such as the "unemployed couple:"

      "The cell phones were canceled; so were all subscriptions and outside entertainment. We didn't go skiing this winter, and we won't be golfing over the summer. No more wine. We used our severance and some savings to pay off Kevin's 2008 Saturn and pay down the house. We debated whether to cancel the local newspaper, but in the end kept it for the Sunday coupons. We now eat every single item in the house until it's gone. If that means we have curly pasta and penne and spaghetti all mixed up, so be it." 04-09

  20. -12-03-09 Comcast to Take Over NBC (USA Today)
      "Comcast and General Electric said Thursday that they finally have a deal."

      "They agreed to forge a joint venture that will give Comcast, the No. 1 cable operator, control of programming giant NBC Universal, creating the largest entertainment company in the United States."

      "The deal, which values NBC Universal at $30 billion, will make Comcast (CMCSA) a major power in television and movie production, theme parks, and the Internet. NBC Universal's channels include the NBC TV network, Telemundo, USA Network, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, and Oxygen. The company also is a founder of Hulu, the No. 2 site for Web videos after Google's YouTube." 12-09

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