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  1. Electrified Clothes (CNN News)
      "A new generation of 'soft' electrical devices has been made possible by a fabric with built-in touch sensor technology."

      "The innovative material, known as ElekTex, could be used to incorporate phones or music players into clothes, remote controls into sofas, or light switches into walls or carpets." 3-05

  2. -09-22-05 Victims Finding Clothes that Fit (ABC News)
      "When Hurricane Katrina hit, many people evacuated with just the clothes they were wearing. But for many women who made it to safety, finding plus-size clothes that fit them among the garments donated to evacuees proved to be difficult or impossible." 9-05

  3. Clotheslines (Awesome Library)
      Discusses clothelines as energy saving devices, including how to build one." 08-07

  4. Clotheslines Make a Comeback (Christian Science Monitor)
      "As an energy-saver, the clothesline makes a comeback." 08-07

  5. How to Make a Clothesline (
      "A clothesline will save you money, conserve energy and give your laundry that fresh, outdoor aroma." 08-07

  6. Rotary Clothesline (
      "The top frame will rotate easily in a light breeze no matter how unevenly the load is distributed, and the PVC clothes lines is wired using a special loop back technique which virtually eliminated line sag." Awesome Library does not endorse this product but provides it as an example. 08-07

  7. Folding Clothes Hanger (
      Provides a portable, folding hanger for clothes. Costs around $20 and each of three arms holds about 30 pounds of clothes. Awesome Library does not endorse this product but provides it as an example. 08-07

  8. Study: Men See Women in Provocative Clothes as Objects (CNN News)
      "It may seem obvious that men perceive women in sexy bathing suits as objects, but now there's science to back it up." 02-09

  9. Greece - Daily Life in Ancient Greece (Donn)
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, slaves, clothes, and other day-to-day information. 03-06

  10. India - Daily Life in Ancient India (Donn)
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. 03-06

  11. -Daily Life in Ancient Times (Donn) star
      Provides information on toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other daily life details. Includes ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and India. 03-06

  12. Daily Life for Ancient Egyptians (Donn)
      Provides articles about daily life, such as toys, pets, food, jobs, entertainment, transportation, clothes, and other details. 03-06

  13. Clothing of Ancient Romans (Roman Empire)
      Provides drawings and descriptions of clothes worn by Ancient Romans. (Includes some grammatical errors.) 11-00

  14. Brave Children of Afghanistan (BBC News - Miron)
      "There was no furniture, no cupboards, no spare clothes left hanging, not even any glass in the windows - just cardboard. And no fire to keep them warm at night." "Nasim earns about 30,000 Afghanis a day - about $1 - cleaning shoes. With that he buys the basics for his family, mostly just bread and sugar." Like many other children in Afghanistan, Nasim is literally the family breadwinner.

      "I asked him how he felt about his situation. 'I am happy and not happy,' he told me. 'Happy because I work, but not happy because I cannot earn enough to bring my family everything they need.' " 7-02

  15. Rainforest People (
      Provides information about the daily lives, such as food, clothes, and environment, of the rainforest people of South America near the Amazon River. 11-04

  16. Airport Security to Use Strip Check (USA Today)
      "The agency in charge of the nation's air security expects later this year to begin using a controversial X-ray machine that will show airport screeners a clear picture of what's under passengers' clothes — whether weapons or just bare skin."

      "The ACLU says the scanners invade personal privacy." 4-05

  17. -10-10-05 Victims Plead for Help (MSNBC News)
      "The Pakistani government has called for and accepted aid from every corner of the earth, even nuclear rival India, which also was hit by the quake. Some hailed the thaw between the two sides as a historic opportunity to work toward lasting peace in the region."

      "But such optimism offered little comfort to those left homeless, widowed and orphaned."

      "In Garhi Habibullah, Nawaz’s fingers blistered from the clawing at the earth that entombed his young niece. His pale yellow shalwar kameez, a traditional loose-fitting outfit, was stained with sweat."

      “ 'I don’t have any other clothes. Everything else was buried when my home collapsed. I haven’t seen any help,' Nawaz said, clinging to a small plastic bag of flour. 'This is to feed a family of 12, my brother’s children, mine and my sister’s.' ” 10-05

  18. -Editorial: Overcoming Our National Polarity (
      Schmookler argues that "it is essential for those who oppose the forces presently ruling America to remember that the heart of the problem is not that these ruling powers are too conservative, or that they are too aligned with 'traditional' rather than 'progressive' values."

      "To wage the struggle in those terms is not only to misunderstand the nature of our adversary. It is also to continue to fall into the trap that they have so successfully set for their opposition, and to abet their continuing seduction of millions of good people on the conservative side of America’s cultural divide. It is to help foster that spirit of divisiveness on which they feed."

      "The heart of the problem, rather, is that these powers are not what they pretend to be. The darkness of the spirit that animates them is manifest in their ruthlessness and arrogance and dishonesty."

      "Only by selling their false image of righteousness to good, conservative Americans could these forces gain power. But that which depends on moral lies can be defeated with moral truth—for, if these good people can be helped to see that these emperors have no moral clothes, they will withdraw their support." 12-05

  19. Bulletproof Clothing (
      Describes clothes available for mediuim risk professions. Awesome Library does not endorse these products but provides them as examples. 04-06

  20. Bulletproof Clothing (
      "Clothes woven with electrically conducting threads are a significant step closer with the creation of super-tough carbon nanotube fibres up to 100 metres long. They can absorb more energy without breaking than any natural or synthetic organic fibre known."

      "Materials made from such threads could be used to make bullet-proof vests as light as a T-shirt." Awesome Library does not endorse these products but provides them as examples. 04-06

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