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  1. Christmas Seals (American Lung Association)
      "This holiday season, join the American Lung Association in celebrating an historic tradition by supporting our annual Christmas Seals Campaign." Editor's Note: Christmas Seals have run out for 2013. Go to this site to order for 2014.

  2. Christmas Carol, A (Dickens)

  3. Christmas Crafts (
      Provides crafts for Christmas.

  4. Christmas Coloring Book (
      Provides a coloring book.

  5. Christmas Traditions and History (
      Provides Christmas traditions and stories.

  6. Christmas - The Gift of the Magi (O Henry)
      Provides links to definitions for key difficult words. No pictures are provided.

  7. Christmas - Toys for Tots (Marine Corps Reserve)
      Provides needy children with the simple joy of a new toy for Christmas.

  8. -Christmas Cards (123 Greetings) star
      Christmas cards become available in December. Send a free Christmas card by email. Many choices.

  9. Silent Night, A History of the Christmas Song (Olivier)
      Provides a history of the song. The site also provides many versions and translations of the song, as well as pictures and articles related to the song.

  10. Christmas - Town of Bethlehem (Franciscans of Malta, Christus Rex, Abela)
      Provides pictures of special sites within Bethelem.

  11. Christmas Cards (Blue Mountain Arts)
      Provides animated email Christmas cards, as well as cards for other events.

  12. Clipart for Christmas (
      Provides free clipart samples.

  13. Christmas Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of worksheets to help children have a better understanding of the holiday.

  14. Christmas Worksheets (
      Provides six worksheets in math, three word puzzles, eight word worksheets, and much more.

  15. Christmas Lesson Plans (
      Provides over two dozen lesson plans related to Christmas.

  16. Christmas Worksheets (
      Provides over two dozen worksheets related to the Christmas season.

  17. Christmas Worksheets (
      Provides over two dozen worksheets related to the Christmas season, including creative writing, poetry, songs, and more.

  18. Christmas Worksheets and Activities (Under5s)
      Provides worksheets and activities for young children.

  19. Christmas Worksheets, Lessons, and Activities (Donn)
      Provides sources of worksheets, lessons, and activities related to Christmas for children.

  20. Christmas Activities (
      Provides worksheets, songs, coloring activities, games, lessons, and more.

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