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  1. College Chemistry - Definitions and Explanations (Virginia Tech)
      Provides an alphbetic listing of definitions and explanations of key terms used in chemistry. College level. 12-02

  2. Chemistry Resources (ChemCAI)

  3. Chemistry for Kids (Rader New Media)

  4. Chemistry Search Engine (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)
      Provides a search engine for instructional text on basic chemistry, high school level.

  5. Chemistry 1 (Glencoe)
      Provides Web links to chemistry information, organized into 30 topics. 11-99

  6. Chemistry 2 (Glencoe)
      Provides Web links to chemistry information, organized into 21 topics. 11-99

  7. Basics of Chemistry ( - Wilner)
      Provides explanations regarding the elements, atomic structure, mols, states of matter, oxidation and reduction (redox), acids and bases, kinetics, compounds, solutions, and more. 2-00

  8. History of Discoveries in Chemistry Since 1900 (Nobel Foundation)
      Explains the development of chemistry since 1900. Also provides short autobiographies of the Nobel laureates in chemistry during the 20th century. 9-00

  9. Chemistry Nobel Laureates - Biochemistry (Nobel Foundation)
      Provides short autobiographies of the Nobel laureates Paul Berg, Walter Gilbert, and Frederick Sanger for their seminal work with nucleic acids and recombinant DNA. Their work has formed a foundation for modern biochemistry. 9-00

  10. Biogas Chemistry (SD Dimensions)
      Provides key chemical information related to biogas. 6-01

  11. Basics of Chemistry (Thinkquest2923)
      Provides a tutorial on equations, significant figures, types of chemical reactions, calculators, and laboratory tests for cations, anions, and gases. 8-01

  12. Organic Chemistry - A Short History (PageWise)
      Provides a short history on the development of the field of organic chemistry. 8-01

  13. Basic Chemistry Terms (ThinkQuest 3659 - CHEMystery)
      Explains acids and bases, hydroxide bases, Lewis acids and bases, electrolytes, acid-base reactions, Lewis acid-base reactions, pH scale, and dozens of other basic terms in chemistry. 8-01

  14. Glossary of Chemistry Terms ( - Barbalace)
      Provides an alphabetic dictionary of terms. 9-01

  15. Chemistry - Solving an Acid Base Problem (Van Bramer)
      Provides steps for solving an acid base problem. 12-02

  16. College Chemistry - Math Basics (Virginia Tech)
      Provides an introduction to the basic math terminology and skills needed to solve problems in chemistry. College level. 12-02

  17. -Problem Solving Skills for Chemistry (Virginia Tech)
      Provides basic strategies for solving chemistry problems. Advanced High School level. 12-02

  18. -Measurement in Chemistry (Virginia Tech)
      Provides basic measurement terms and their abbreviations. "The 'mole' is a fixed number of something. That number is 6.022142x1023. This number is called the Avogadro constant or Avogadro's number." 12-02

  19. Chemistry and Physics Projects (MicroWorlds)
      Provides eleven projects, using household materials. 12-02

  20. Chemistry (
      "Chemistry is the science of matter and its interactions with energy (see physics, biology). Because of the diversity of matter (which is mostly atomic), chemists are often engaged in the pursuit of studying how atoms interact to form molecules, and how molecules interact with each other." 10-04

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