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  1. -Contact Information for Native Tribes of the USA and Canada (First Nations) star
      Provides an alphabetical listing of tribes, along with their contact information. Includes federally recognized tribes, state recognized tribes, and Native organizations without federal or state recognition. 9-05

  2. Leading Change (Presbyterian Church in Canada - Coutts)
      Describes the eight components of Leading Change by John Kotter. 7-02

  3. Court Supports Same-Sex Marriage in Canada (MSNBC News)
      "The Supreme Court of Canada gave the federal government the go-ahead Thursday to legalize gay marriage, but stopped short of saying that this was required by the Constitution." 2-04

  4. 06-29-05 Canada Approves Same-Sex Marriages (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Canada last night became the third country in the world to approve gay marriages when MPs passed a historic bill granting same-sex couples equal rights to those in traditional marriages."

      "The bill was passed by the Canadian House of Commons despite strong opposition from religious leaders and conservative MPs." 6-05

  5. -11-25-05 Prime Minister of Canada Pledges Billions to Indians (CBS News)
      "Canada on Friday pledged $4.3 billion in a landmark deal with Indian and northern Inuit communities to help lift them from the poverty and disease that has plagued their neglected reserves for more than a century." 11-05

  6. Ethanol from Switchgrass (REAP Canada)
      "A grandiose scheme is proposed to replant 35 million acres of tallgrass prairie to be used for ethanol. Visitors sometimes spell as switch grass. 01-06

  7. -07-09-06 Obrador to Charge Fraud in Election Results in Mexico (
      "Lopez Obrador told the huge crowd he would present allegations of fraud to the nation's electoral court today and request that every one of more than 41 (m) million votes be recounted." 07-06

  8. Phosphorous Fosters Algae Growth (
      " 'Phosphorous really is the key to eutrophication,' says Schindler, whose study is highlighted prominently in the U.S. based Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week." 07-08

  9. -Editorial: Climate Change News "Muzzled" in Canada (IPS News)
      "Canada's climate researchers are being muzzled, their funding slashed, research stations closed, findings ignored and advice on the critical issue of the century unsought by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government, according to a 40-page report by a coalition of 60 non-governmental organisations."

      " 'Media coverage of climate change science, our most high-profile issue, has been reduced by over 80 percent,' says internal government documents obtained by Climate Action Network."

      "The dramatic decline results from a 2007 Harper government-imposed prohibition on government scientists speaking to reporters. Canadian scientists have told IPS they required permission from the prime minister's communications office to comment on their own studies made public in scientific journals and reports." 03-10

  10. -12-11-13 Canada Approves World's Largest CoalPort To Be Built (
      According to the Greens senator Larissa Waters, 'The coal to be mined from the Galilee basin and exported through Abbot Point each year which will create more CO2 emissions a year than produced by both Denmark and Portugal combined.' 12-13

  11. Vancouver Canada City Page
      Provides information about the city. 10-09

  12. Canada - Aboriginal Links (Henderson)
      Provides links. 10-09

  13. Canada - Information by Subject (National Library of Canada)

  14. Vancouver - North Vancouver Public Library (Canada)

  15. Victoria - Greater Victoria Public Library (Canada)

  16. Canada - Toronto Sun

  17. Canada - Toronto Star

  18. Canada - Vancouver Sun

  19. Canada - Montreal Gazette

  20. Canada NewsWire

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