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  1. Black History - 19th Century African Americans (Bright)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of this influential 19th Century African American. 2-01

  2. US Civil War (Sova and Black)

  3. Black History (US Post Office)

  4. Black Facts Online
      Provides brief historical news by searchable date.

  5. Black/African American Related Resources (Adinar)

  6. Black History in African American (Black History Month is February)

  7. Black History Month Resources

  8. Bears, Black (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

  9. Black History - New Hampshire (SeacoastNH)
      Provides sources of information related to black history on the eastern seacoast, especially New Hampshire.

  10. Black History - Black Patriots of the Revolution (SeacoastNH)
      Provides a short summary of sections of "Colored Patriots of the Revolution" by Nell. Recounts events by a biography of the mid-1800's.

  11. African Americans - First Blacks of Portsmouth 1 (SeacoastNH)
      "Valerie Cunningham traces African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery."

  12. First Blacks of Portsmouth 2 (SeacoastNH)
      "Limited freedom came slowly. Valerie Cunningham discusses emancipation, the 'Negro Court,' and the lives of Portsmouth's expanding black population."

  13. -Black History Resources (Seacoast NH)
      Provides over two dozen carefully chosen links to explore Black History. 9-05

  14. Jewish History (Black)
      Provides highlights and major events in history according to Judaism.

  15. Ferrets - Black-Footed (Kids' Planet)
      Includes a description and a drawing.

  16. Blackfeet Nation (
      Provides basic information about the tribe and its history. 03-06

  17. Reviews of African American Movies (
      Provides news and reviews of movies, with a focus on movies staring or developed by Arican Americans. 9-00

  18. Black Holes (
      Provides a diagram and description of a black hole, singularity, and event horizon. 11-00.

  19. Black Holes - Falling Into (Hamilton)
      Provides animations to illustrate the effects of black holes. 3-01

  20. Ferrets, Black-Footed (National Parks Conservation Association)
      Provides a drawing and basic facts.

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