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  1. 02-17-11 How Egypt Is Different From Bahrain (MSNBC News)
      " 'Nationally, Bahrain is a very poor country and the wealth that does get created is concentrated in the hands of the rulers and the influential,' he said. 'Ö Iíve never seen wretched poverty like Iíve seen in Bahrain.' " 02-11

  2. 02-19-11 Thousands Reclaim Pearl Square in Bahrain (New York Times)
      "A brutal government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters here on Thursday not only killed at least five people but, once again, placed the Obama administration in the uncomfortable position of dealing with a strategic Arab ally locked in a showdown with its people." 02-11

  3. -12-01-11 An Activist Stands Her Ground in Bahrain (New York Times)
      "During a protest in Bahrain on Saturday, an American journalist named Matthew Cassel reported on Twitter that he had just witnessed something remarkable: a lone female protester who refused to move as police officers in riot gear charged past her, firing tear gas shells just a few feet from her head." 12-11

  4. Bahrain (Yahoo)
      Provides sources of information on government, education, travel, and more. 4-02

  5. Bahrain (Lonely Planet)
      Provides information on government, education, travel, and more. Includes a map and information on individual cities. 4-02

  6. Bahrain (
      Provides a profile by topic, including Economy, Defense, Geography, Government, People, National Anthem, Lyrics and Related Links. Provides a map and a flag. 6-02

  7. Bahrain

  8. Maps of the Middle East Maps (University of Texas)
      Provides maps of Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Jericho, Persian Gulf, Strait of Tiran, Palestinian Refugee Camps, Strait of Hormuz, Kurdish Lands, and more. 10-00

  9. -Arabic Translation of the Web - English Instructions ( star
      Provides online translations of the Web. To view the Web through the Awesome Library, put the URL of the Awesome Library ( in the URL box, select Translate, and you will be started. You will need to have Arabic fonts loaded in your browser in order to see the Arabic. You may, of course, start with a Web page other than the Awesome Library. 7-02

  10. Awesome Library in Arabic ( star
      Provides the Awesome Library in Arabic. 7-02

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