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  1. 100 Best Female Athletes (Sports Illustrated)
      Provides biographies of Sports Illustrated's opinion regarding top female athletes. 12-02

  2. Athletes

  3. -07-29-08 Preventing Sudden Death in Young Athletes (USA Today)
      "Since 1985, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation has collected information about more than 600 sudden deaths in young athletes, mostly due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle that can block blood flow."

      "One useful addition to the routine sports physical examination would be a 5-minute echocardiogram, which uses ultrasound to look at the heart, University of Wisconsin researchers write in the July issue of the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography." 07-08

  4. 100 Olympic Athletes to Watch (
      Provides a picture and article on 100 top athletes competing in the 2008 Olympics. 08-08

  5. -03-27-09 Female Athletes Have More Concussions (ABC News)
      "In sports played by both women and men, women sustain more concussions. The girls' concussion rate in high school soccer is 68 percent higher than for boys. And it's nearly triple the boys' rate in high school basketball, according to research by scientists at Ohio State, Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and the NCAA. Other studies reveal similar differences between softball and baseball, in college sports as well as high school. Yet researchers, including Brooks, find that female athletes get less information than males about concussions from all sources, including coaches, trainers and the media. Generally, women athletes don't consider concussions a serious phenomenon." 03-09

  6. Dead Athletes' Brains Show Damage from Concussions (CNN News)
      "Until recently, the best medical definition for concussion was a jarring blow to the head that temporarily stunned the senses, occasionally leading to unconsciousness. It has been considered an invisible injury, impossible to test -- no MRI, no CT scan can detect it."

      "But today, using tissue from retired NFL athletes culled posthumously, the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE), at the Boston University School of Medicine, is shedding light on what concussions look like in the brain. The findings are stunning. Far from innocuous, invisible injuries, concussions confer tremendous brain damage. That damage has a name: chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)." 03-09

  7. -08-08-09 Lessons for Over-35 Athletes From Olympic Swimmer (U.S. News)
      " 'They want to know about the abs and the arms,' says 42-year-old swimmer Dara Torres, the five-time Olympian—most recently last summer in Beijing, where she won three silver medals. They want to know about how she trains, what she eats, how she managed to compete in last week's world championships against people less than half her age—and, yes, how she has that body after giving birth to a child."

      "The answer to that last question: strength-training, mostly using her own body weight, and focusing particularly on her core stomach, back, and pelvic muscles." 07-09

  8. -16-16 American Athletes Display Gold (
      "The three legendary gold medal winners converged Sunday night for SI – which today celebrates its 62-year anniversary – in Rio." 08-16

  9. Sports Biographies (H. W. Wilson)
      Provides biographies of outstanding achievers by sport and alphabetic by last name.

  10. Basketball Biographies (HW Wilson Company)
      Provides short descriptions of some of the best known competitors, such as Charles Barkley, Larry Brown, Chuck Daly, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, Phil Jackson, K. C. Jones, Michael Jordan, Bob Knight, John Lucas, Karl Malone, Moses Malone, Tom McMillen, Reggie Miller, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, Scottie Pippen, Pat Riley, David Robinson, Dean Smith, David Stern, John Stockton, Sheryl Swoopes, Isiah Thomas, John Thompson, Lenny Wilkens, and Dominique Wilkins. 8-00

  11. Tennis Biographies (HW Wilson)
      Provides short descriptions of some of the best known competitors, including Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Steffi Graf, Ivan Lendl, Hana Mandlikova, Noah Yannick, Gabriela Sabatini, Pete Sampras, and Monica Seles. 8-00

  12. Strength or Endurance (National Geographic - Triveda)
      Provides results of a study to find if athletes are good at speed are poor at endurance and visa versa. 07-12

  13. Gymnastics - International Teams (USA Gymnastics Online)
      Provides brief profiles of achievements of some key athletes who have competed in the USA. 6-02

  14. 2004 Armstrong Wins the Tour de France (USA Today)
      "Lance Armstrong rode into history Sunday, winning a record sixth Tour de France and cementing his place as one of the greatest athletes of all time."

      "Never in its 101-year history has the Tour had a winner like Armstrong — who just eight years ago was given less than a 50% chance of overcoming testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain." 7-04

  15. Biographies (Information Please)
      Provides biographies of People in the News, Recent Deaths, World Rulers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Business Leaders, Roman Rulers, American Indians, African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans, Notable Women, Athletes, Artists, Architects, Explorers, Scientists, Poets, Writers, Filmmakers, and Entertainers.

  16. -11-09-05 Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards Bestowed (CBS News)
      "Boxer Muhammad Ali led the roster of those honored by President Bush today with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the U.S. government's highest civilian award."

      "The honorees included entertainers, athletes, authors, and hotelier Paul Rusesabagina, whose courage and compassion in sheltering people at the hotel he managed during the 1994 Rwandan genocide was depicted in the movie 'Hotel Rwanda.' " 11-05

  17. Campus Crusade for Christ (
      "Campus Crusade for Christ is a interdenominational Christian mission organization, focusing on evangelism and discipleship in over 190 countries around the world. Started in 1951 at the University of California, Los Angeles by Bill Bright, Campus Crusade has now branched out to many different universities and many other fields of ministry. Its mission is 'to seek to show people how to know and experience God's love and plan for their lives.' The parent organisation is known as Campus Crusade for Christ International, and the fields of ministry include the military, high schools, families, and athletes. In many parts of Europe it is known as Agape Europe. other countries the university ministry is known under different names. For example in Poland, New Zealand and Australia, the ministry is known as Student Life." 01-06

  18. Olympics News 2006 Torino (
      Provides news. "Torino gave a heartfelt 'benvenuto' Friday night to the Olympic Winter Games, a fiery opening ceremony dedicated to passion and to igniting the competitive spirits of more than 2,500 of the world's best athletes." Associated with Turin. 02-06

  19. -04-20-06 Program to Support Nonviolence in Colleges (ABC News)
      "Don McPherson, a former star quarterback at Syracuse University and NFL player, knows a thing or two about the behavior of athletes. And despite public perception, he said the athletes of today are better behaved than ever before."

      "And to help make sure athletes and other students understand acceptable behavior, McPherson works with young people across the country as executive director of the Sports Leadership Institute at Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y." 04-06

  20. Train Like an Olympic Candidate (MSNBC News)
      "Despite all the corporate grandstanding, the saccharine profiles, and the cheesy music, we're still drawn to the Olympic Games because they promise a glimpse of athletic perfection — that sinuous state of being when the outer boundaries of raw physical ability are reached and then exceeded ever so slightly."

      "But the fact that such boundaries are breached raises a question: How can each generation of athletes become faster, stronger, and quicker ... without doping?"

      "The answer is simple: They train with coaches on the absolute cutting edge of exercise science, coaches whose tips will help you build muscle, burn stubborn fat, and even recover in record time." 07-12

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