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  1. Water and Fish Ecology (Cornell)
      Provides aquatic systems management information.

  2. Water Pollution (NASA Sample)
      Provides studies for kids to explore water pollution. 4-00

  3. Europa - Jupiter Moon May Have Water (NASA Science)
      Provides an article about the possibility of water, and therefore life, on Europa. 8-00

  4. Water Conservation Needed (Awesome Library - Adams)
      Suggests steps we can take to reverse a global trend - insufficient drinking water. 8-00.

  5. Napoleon - Battle of Waterloo (Encylopedia Britannica)
      Provides some sketchy information on Napoleon Boneparte and the Battle of Waterloo. 06-10

  6. Water Pollution Resources (UK Rivers Network)
      Provides over 100 sources of information to help reduce various forms of water pollution, such as from fertilizer, oil spills and slicks, algae blooms, decommissioning of oil platforms and structures, debris and dumping of wastes, sewage and wastewater, atmospheric deposition (ocean pollution from air pollution), indoor air pollution caused by water pollution, volatile organic compounds, and laws related to water pollution. 11-00

  7. Trees, Water, and Soil (Journey to Forever)
      Shows how loss of trees destroys the topsoil and how the topsoil can be built again. 12-00

  8. Water Powered Water Pumps (Journey to Forever)
      Describes ram pumps, water pumps that are powered by water in order to get water to higher elevations. 12-00

  9. Toilets - Low Water Usage (
      Compares different low-flow toilets and describes how they work. Recommends several and suggests that early models did not work well. 12-00

  10. California Running Out of Water (CNN)
      Describes California's effort to handle the fact that it is running out of water. 1-01

  11. Water on Mars Debate (CNN - Space)
      Describes the debate on whether there is water on Mars. An alternative theory is that the markings on Mars that look like they are caused by water are actually caused by liquid carbon dioxide. 4-01

  12. Water on Mars - Odyssey Mission (
      Explains the Odyssey mission. 4-01

  13. Water May Flow on Mars (BBC News - Whitehouse)
      Shows pictures that suggest that water may have flowed on the surface of Mars recently. 6-01

  14. Water Conservation Games and Activities (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides 11 games and activities to help children better understand how water is purified and used, as well as facts about water. 1-01

  15. Water Conservation

  16. Water and Ice Density (New York University - Mathmol)
      Provides an experiment that can be performed in a typical classroom to determine the densities of water and ice. 10-01

  17. Essay on Globalization by Corporations and Control of Water ( - Shiva)
      Provides an essay by Vandana Shiva on globalization by corporations and their control of water in third world countries. 1-02

  18. World Water Availability by Country (
      Provides a list of the amount of water available for each country, by region. 1-02

  19. Clean Water Act and Pollution by State ( star
      Provides information by state related to the clean water act and pollution. 2-02

  20. Water on Mars - How It Is Detected (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
      Shows how water is detected on Mars, using a gamma ray spectrometer. Also provides the latest news on the Odyssey mission. 3-02

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