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  1. Volunteering Service

  2. Volunteering - International Opportunities
      The Directory on International Voluntary Services provides hundreds on sources of information. 07-06

  3. Portland - Volunteering Opportunities (
      Provides service opportunities in the Portland area. 11-01

  4. Service-Learning Resources (National Service-Learning Clearinghouse)
      Provides a couple of dozen sites. 11-01

  5. Corporation for National Service (CNS)
      Created by Congress in 1993, includes AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and Senior Corps.

  6. Volunteering Opportunities (America's Promise)
      Provides a starting point for exploring America's Promise, a program to provide mentoring and other services to children. 1-01

  7. Chicago Area Volunteering (NPONet)
      Provides information for those wishing to volunteer services in the Chicago area. 07-06

  8. -Youth Volunteer Matching Service (Impact Online) star
      Matches volunteers with nonprofit organizations by location and issue. 9-05

  9. Volunteering Opportunities by Subject (Impact Online)
      Helps volunteers find volunteering opportunities by issue through VolunteerMatch.

  10. Learn and Serve Opportunities (Corporation for National Service)
      Provides opportunities to learn and serve. 07-06

  11. Volunteering - International Opportunities (Cross-Cultural Solutions)
      Provides sources of information on volunteering for services in other countries. 7-99

  12. Volunteering and Mentoring (
      Provides opportunities to mentor or volunteer time (including "cyber" time) to help children. 8-00

  13. Volunteering Opportunities for Kids (PBS - Zoom into Action)
      Provides opportunities for kids to volunteer to help animals, the hungry, the homeless, those who are ill, seniors, persons with disabilities, the environment, and more. May load slowly. 2-02

  14. AmeriCorps (CNS)
      Includes two programs - 1) The National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) is "a full-time service program for men and women age 18 through 24. AmeriCorps NCCC members work in teams." 2) Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) is "a full-time service program for men and women age 18 and older. Members generally work individually, rather than in teams."

  15. General - United Way of America

  16. Interact for Kids (Benton Foundation)
      Provides opportunities to share information about helping kids. 07-06

  17. Casey Foundation
      Provides information on a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth.

      Provides locations for volunteers to be involved in projects. 07-06

  19. Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
      Provides opportunities to help find missing and lost children.

  20. Awards - Advance America Awards (ASAE)
      Provides a short description of the businesses and organizations that contributed to advancing America through "education, standard-setting, business and social innovation, knowledge creation, learning, and community service."

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