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  1. Word Games - Vocabulary Puzzles (Vocabulary University)
      Provides puzzles, including cross word puzzles, at various levels of difficulty. Starts at elementary level and includes SAT, GED, and GRE preparation.

  2. Vocabulary 1 (Mining Co. - Walker)
      Provides annotated links to vocabulary lessons, games, software, and activities.

  3. Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets (Jansegers) 9-99

  4. English Lessons in Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading (
      Provides 30 lessons for ESL students.

  5. Spelling Checker Online (Teragram Corp)
      Provides a spelling checker for Web pages or individual words, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. 6-00

  6. Grammar Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides worksheets by parts of speech. Also provides worksheets for improving vocabulary and for dealing with a few key sounds. 8-01

  7. Spelling Projects (
      Provides over a dozen creative lessons and projects for K-6 grade. 2-02

  8. Alphabetizing and Spelling Games (
      Provides assistance with spelling for grades 1 - 3. Uses Flash software. 6-02

  9. Spelling Checker - Collegiate Version (Merriam-Webster)
      Checks for proper spelling and suggests correct spelling. Provides definitions, a thesaurus, and the unabridged version. The unabridged version includes words that rhyme with the chosen word, words that start with the same sound, words that end with the same sound, and more. 7-02

  10. Spelling Game (
      Helps children find determine the correct spelling of words. 7-02

  11. Spelling Checker (
      Checks for proper spelling and suggests correct spelling. Provides definitions for correctly spelled words. Based on the American Heritage Dictionary by the Houghton Mifflin Company. Editor's Note - Provides a popup ad on a separate page for each request. 7-02

  12. Hendrix, Jimi (
      "Jimi Hendrix expanded the range and vocabulary of the electric guitar into areas no musician had ever ventured before. Many would claim him to be the greatest guitarist ever to pick up the instrument. At the very least his creative drive, technical ability and painterly application of such effects as wah-wah and distortion forever transformed the sound of rock and roll. Hendrix helped usher in the age of psychedelia with his 1967 debut, Are You Experienced?, and the impact of his brief but meteoric career on popular music continues to be felt. More than any other musician, Jimi Hendrix realized the fullest range of sound that could be obtained from an amplified instrument." Visitors sometimes misspell as Jimmy, Jimmi, or Jimy. 9-03

  13. English Flash Cards (
      Provides flash cards to help expand vocabulary. 10-04

  14. "Banned" Words (MSNBC News)
      "Everyone from persons of interest to first-time callers will agree that 2005 offered more than its share of irritating words and phrases."

      "Lake Superior State University on Saturday released its 2006 'List of Words and Phrases Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.' ” 12-05

  15. Finding Translators (
      While it may seem easier to contact an agency or a freelancer located in your country, in most cases this isn’t recommended. Translators living abroad have difficulty keeping up with their dynamic changing native languages, daily losing some linguistic skills. Another point – translators living in the target language country can easily contact a local specialist or terminologist. To determine precise terminology and ensure an accurate translation, reference materials cannot replace such “live” consultations. Living in a target language environment is a prerequisite for a translator when smooth style and up-to-date vocabulary are critically important—especially in the case of advertising and marketing texts."

      "Note that all good translators translate only into their target language. True bilinguals are very few. For example, Russian translators living in the USA lose command of their native language faster than they can improve their English. Also, costs in the target language country may be much more attractive than in your country." 04-07

  16. Baby Einsteins Not So Smart (
      "Led by Frederick Zimmerman and Dr. Dimitri Christakis, both at the University of Washington, the research team found that with every hour per day spent watching baby DVDs and videos, infants learned six to eight fewer new vocabulary words than babies who never watched the videos. These products had the strongest detrimental effect on babies 8 to 16 months old, the age at which language skills are starting to form. 'The more videos they watched, the fewer words they knew,' says Christakis. 'These babies scored about 10% lower on language skills than infants who had not watched these videos.' " 09-09

  17. -05-29-09 Top Ten Spelling Bee Words (
      Provides pictures and short descriptions of spelling bee finals. 05-09

  18. Spelling Center (Purdue On-Line Writing Laboratory)
      Includes spelling exercises and answers.

  19. Spelling Checker Dictionary (
      Checks for proper spelling and corrects spelling. Provides definitions for correctly spelled words. Also translates to Protuguese.

  20. -Spelling Checkers for Medical Terms (Awesome Library)
      Checks online for correct spelling and offers alternatives if the spelling is incorrect. Also offers glossaries for browsing terms.

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