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  1. Sculpture and Paint Exhibits by African Americans (
      Provides photos of work. "This website is for African American Artists and an on-line portal for both African America Artists and African American History. The primary aim of this website is to encourage research activity on people of African descent and to provide information to the study of the African Diaspora. A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution. Please make sure to look through the 1000+ Slave Narratives on my website." 04-06

  2. Sculpture

  3. Egyptian Artifacts

  4. Asian Art (
      "Asian art and antiquities are featured in the galleries. Galleries and private dealers from around the world can be found in this Asian Arts galleries section." Provides a search engine. 10-09

  5. Recycling Activities Using Art (Imagination Factory - Brackney)
      Provides examples of activities that promote awareness of the need to recycle, as well as artistic opportunities provided by the need to recycle.

  6. Stone Carving Tools (Arnold) 11-99

  7. Competitions and Exhibitions in Art (The Art Deadlines List - Gardner)
      Provides a description of competitions, awards, and exhibitions for various forms of art. 1-00

  8. Sculptors (World Artist Directory) 1-01

  9. Ancient Grecian Art (
      Provides nine examples of art from ancient Greece. 3-01

  10. Rodin, Auguste (
      Provides a biography, as well as examples of some of his more famous works. Kirk Varnedoe provides an introduction. " 'It is true that Rodin's art makes overt reference to its own artificiality. When we say that his kind of realism was not seamless, we mean it: his sculptures often exposed the joint lines of the piece molds in which they were cast, as well as the "unfinished" marks of modeling and editing. Fragmentation and repetition functioned in the same way, as instances of the sculptor's processes made evident in his product.' "

  11. Michelangelo (
      Provides a biography, as well as examples of some of his more famous works. Sometimes visitors misspell as Michaelangelo. 3-01

  12. Bernini, Gianlorenzo (
      Provides a biography. 02-13

  13. Sculptor Information and Samples (
      Provides samples of work for 100 notable North American sculptors. Also provides date of birth, date of death, and similar information. Other parts of the database, such as biographies, did not operate on 3-22-01. 3-01

  14. Public Art in Philadelphia (Purdom)
      Provides pictures and descriptions of public art in Philadelphia. 5-01

  15. Tibetan Buddhist Art (
      Provides paintings, blockprints, and sculptures. 12-04

  16. Crowe, Jason - Peace Hero (
      "Jason Crowe was awarded the Culture of Peace Award at the 2000 World Peace Ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan."

      "In 1997, a friend sent Jason Crowe an article that would transform him from ordinary 10-year-old kid into peace activist."

      "The Informer, Crowe's newspaper, is now distributed in 29 states and 15 foreign countries. In 1997, Crowe was honored at the United Nations Building in New York City, in a ceremony saluting seven youngsters from around the globe who have furthered the virtues of peace and tolerance through their creative talents. More recently, Crowe won the Swackhammer Peace Essay Contest with his essay 'Youth at Work: Building a Global Culture of Peace.' "

      "In 1999, Crowe started Youth for Peace in the Year 2000. This organization had two fund-raising events, 'The Chain of Hope' and 'Harmony in the Park 2002,' to raise money for the statue project. Crowe has raised nearly $25,000 toward the $50,000 needed for the peace sculpture." 7-05

  17. Cruzbike for Comfort, Convenience, and Stability (
      This is a semi-recumbent. The Softrider costs $975 and is the length of a standard bicycle."The Cruzbike uses a unique front wheel drive (FWD) front triangle that efficiently transfers your power to the ground. The sculptured seat supports your lower back and prevents saddle problems. The seat and backrest give you a comfortable heads-up sitting position, which is also very aerodynamic." Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. 08-07

  18. Ancient Roman Statues Found (BBC News)
      "Parts of a giant, exquisitely carved marble sculpture depicting the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius have been found at an archaeological site in Turkey." 08-08

  19. -03-01-10 Massive Head of Pharoah Found in Egypt (CBS News)
      "Archaeologists have unearthed a massive red granite head of one Egypt's most famous pharaohs who ruled nearly 3,400 years ago, the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities announced Sunday."

      "The leader of the expedition that discovered the head described it as the best preserved sculpture of Amenhotep III's face found to date." 03-10

  20. Prosthetics That Celebrate Personalities (CNN News)
      "Most people have two legs. Aimee Mullins has 28."

      "Mullins' 14 pairs of prosthetic legs are more than medical devices. They are wearable sculpture, secret weapons and a passport to embrace and show off the thing that makes her superficially different the fact that she has no flesh-and-blood legs below the knee." 05-12

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