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  1. Scorpions (
      "About 40-60 species occur in Arizona, although many are undescribed. The bark scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda) is the only species in Arizona of medical importance."

      Editor's Note: Never look directly at the ultraviolet light if using a black light to find scorpions; damage to the eye can occur. 11-07

  2. Scorpions (University of Arizona)
      " To prevent stinging encounters with scorpions, do not leave shoes, boots, clothing items, or wet towels outdoors where scorpions can hide. Shake towels around the swimming pool and shake all clothing and shoes before putting them on. Wear gloves when working in the yard. Wear shoes outdoors, especially during the evening hours. A portable black light may be used to survey for scorpions in and around the home. Scorpions glow brightly under black light and are therefore easily found and removed."

      Editor's Note: Never look directly at an ultraviolet light; damage to the eye can occur. 11-07

  3. Spiders and Scorpions (
      Provides resources on spiders and scorpions. 08-12

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