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  1. -Images (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco) star
      Rated one of the best places on the Internet to find images of great art, currently with over 60,000 images available. You can search for particular works. 1-05

  2. Asian American Culture ( - Lio)
      Provides information on films, museums, events, and other sources of information related to Asian Americans. Also spelled Asian-Americans. 3-01

  3. Oldest Dinosaur Embryo Found (
      "We've all seen fossilized dinosaur skeletons in museums. Now a team of Canadian scientists have gone one further: they found skeletons in some remarkably well-preserved dinosaur embryos, that they say at 190 million years old are the oldest yet discovered." 11-10

  4. Survey on Digitizing Library Collections (
      "The nearly 200 page report looks closely at how academic, public and special libraries and museums are digitizing special and other collections. The study is based on detailed data on costs, equipment use, staffing, cataloging, marketing, licensing revenue and other facets of digitization projects from nearly 100 libraries and museums in the United States, the UK, continental Europe, Canada, and Australia. The study covers and presents data separately for digitizers of photographs, film and video, music and audio, text and re-digitization of existing digital mediums. Data is also broken out by budget size, region of the world, type of institution and other factors. Data presented separately for academic libraries, public and government libraries, special libraries and museums." 05-11

  5. Safety for Foreigners While Traveling in the Ukrkaine (
      "Even though Poltava is safe, you still should take some precautions." A couple of examples of precautions listed in the article include:

      "Don't go into back streets of the city. Instead, try to stay in the city center, which is quite big and has got lots of things to offer to a traveler, such as bars and restaurants, museums and parks and many sights to see."

      "Don't speak your language too loudly. Poltava is not a major travel destination. Therefore, people pay much attention to you when they hear you speaking a different language. Our people are very welcoming to foreign visitors. It is just that you still want to keep a low profile and try not to attract attention of those willing to take an advantage of you in one way or another." 04-12

  6. Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)
      "The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology. AECT members may be found in colleges and universities; in the Armed Forces and industry; in museums, libraries, and hospitals; in the many places where edu cational change is underway. AECT members carry out a wide range of responsibilities in the study, planning, application, and production of communications media for instruction." 10-09

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