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  1. Christian - For Kids and Teens (Christian Links for Kids and Teens - Belleville)
      Provides devotional activities, services, games, and other resources to help kids and teens practice their Christian faith. 7-00

  2. News for Kids (Yahooligans)
      Provides news stories for children and teens.

  3. -08-20-09 Kids May Grow Up Fast When a Parent Goes to War (CNN News)
      "When all military branches are taken into consideration, the American Psychological Association estimates about 700,000 children under the age of 18 have a parent deployed overseas for military duty."

      "If military teens adjust well to deployment, they can be more adaptive and resilient than their peers, said Angela Huebner, associate professor of human development at Virginia Tech." 08-09

  4. Self-Help Books for Kids and Teens (Free Spirit Publishing)

  5. Current Events for Kids and Teens

  6. Questions About Medications for Teens and Children (CBS News)
      "Most medications for mental illness have been approved for adults only. But they're also being used to treat kids. Because the long-term effects on children (particularly a developing brain) are still unclear, the medical community is torn."10-03

  7. Muscular Dystrophy in Teens (
      Describes the more common forms of muscular dystrophy that may affect teens. 7-04

  8. Homeless Teens (StandUp for Kids)
      Provides opportunities for volunteering to help homeless teens. Listings are by state. 10-99

  9. Teens and Kids - Rate Movies (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides two worksheets for rating the "smokiness" of a movie. 6-00

  10. Teens and Kids - Movie Facts (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides facts about how movies promote smoking without using ads. 6-00

  11. Safety Suggestions for Teens (
      Discusses safety related to tanning, dates, drugs, abuse, bicycles, tobacco, and more. 3-01

  12. -02-18-08 Choking Game Kills 82 Kids (
      "At least 82 youths have died from the so-called "choking game," according to the first government count of fatalities from the tragic fad." 02-08

  13. -08-26-08 Teens: Do Hard Things (U.S. News)
      "The new research on how the brain develops has led me to start looking for competent teenagers—not kids who get perfect SATs, but ones who are working on learning the skills they'll need to be responsible, compassionate adults." 08-08

  14. News for Young Minds and Kids (
      Provides news. 08-09

  15. News for Students (PBS)
      Provides world news, with a focus on several key stories.

  16. Exploring the Roles of Fact and Opinion in Relaying the News (New York Times - DeKorne and Chin)
      "In this lesson, students evaluate how facts and opinions function in relaying the news and consider the media's responsibilities in reporting during wartime." 2-02

  17. Current Events

  18. News

  19. Science News for Students (WhyFiles)
      Provides news stories in science.

  20. News for Students (
      Provides news for students.

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