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  1. Antelopes (
      Describes the Thomson's Gazelle, Grant's Gazelle, Gerenuk, Kirk's Dikdik, Klipspringer, Greater and Lesser Kudu, and the Eland.

  2. Kenyanthropus platyops (
      "Kenyanthropus platyops is a 3.5 to 3.2 million year old (Pliocene) extinct hominin species that was discovered in Lake Turkana, Kenya in 1999 by Meave Leakey. The fossil found features a broad flat face with a toe bone that suggests it probably walked upright." Its taxon is still being debated. Some identify it as a missing link between Australopithecus and modern humans, a "proto-human." 03-06

  3. Kenya (Dinar)

  4. Kenya

  5. Kenya (
      Provides a profile by topic, including Economy, Defense, Geography, Government, People, National Anthem, Lyrics and Related Links. Provides a map and a flag. 6-02

  6. Kenya (
      Provides information on the land, history, and people. 7-02

  7. 12-29-02 Kibaki New President of Kenya (CNN)
      "NARC leader Kibaki vowed on Sunday to form a government of national unity to fight corruption as he waited for final official election results to confirm a landslide victory." 12-02

  8. Dying Cultures (National Geographic Society)
      Provides studies of three cultures on the edge of extinction, the the Ariaal of Kenya, the Chipaya of Bolivia, and the Penan of Malaysia. 7-99

  9. Rulers by Country - J-O (Schulz)
      Provides a list of leaders by country and date. Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kasakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Korea (Democratic People´s Republic), Korea (Republic), Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maledives, Mali, Malta, Marshal Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, and Oman. leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers 9-00

  10. Evolution of Humans - A New Genus (National Geographic Society - Krause)
      Reports of a possible new genus of early hominids. The name of the new hominid is Kenyanthropus platyops. 3-01

  11. Obama Background (CNN News)
      "Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan father and a white mother from Kansas, born in Hawaii, raised in Chicago, was an little-known Illinois state Senator as recently as late last year."

      "Now, he's the state's Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, the subject of major features in The New Yorker and The New Republic magazines, the odds-on favorite to win the seat being vacated by Republican Peter Fitzgerald -- and he's getting the Democratic convention's glamour slot, giving the keynote address in the heart of prime time." 7-04

  12. Nobel Peace Prize Awarded (Fox News)
      "Kenyan environmental activist Wangari Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for her work as leader of the Green Belt Movement, which has sought to empower women, better the environment and fight corruption in Africa for almost 30 years." 10-04

  13. Powers, Stefanie (
      "Althouigh [sic] she continued to appear in televion guest roles and made-for-TV films, she is best known for her role opposite Robert Wagner in the 1979-1984 hit television series, Hart to Hart for which she received two Emmy and five Golden Globe Award 'best TV actress' nominations."

      "Following his [William Holden's] death in 1981, Powers became President of the 'William Holden Wildlife Foundation' and a director of the Mount Kenya Game Ranch in Kenya. In the United States, she works with both the Cincinnati and Atlanta zoos. She devotes a great deal of time to the cause and is international guest speaker on wildlife preservation." Visitors sometimes misspell as Stephanie. 7-05

  14. -03-12-06 "There's Nothing to Eat...We Have Nothing" (
      "Fetching water is women’s work in this part of the world. But in parched northern Kenya — where a two-year drought is threatening to plunge the country into famine and change for ever an age-old pastoral way of life — fetching water means begging at the side of the road."

      " 'The cows are finished, the goats are finished. We have no work, nothing. Even the camels are finished which means there can be little chance for us. Our only hope is the road.' " 03-06

  15. Second Oldest Hominids - Orrorin Tugenensis (
      "Orrorin tugenensis is considered as the second oldest possible hominin ancestor related to modern humans (other than Sahelanthropus tchadensis) and is the only species classified in genus Orrorin. The name was given by the discoverers who found Orrorin fossils near the village of Tugen, Kenya."

      Provides a chart of hominids, including humans, at the bottom of the page. 03-06

  16. Robust Australopithecines (
      "The robust australopithecines, members of the extinct hominin genus Paranthropus, were bipedal hominins that probably descended from the gracile australopithecine hominins (Australopithecus). All species of Paranthropus were bipedal, and many lived during a time when species of the genus Homo (which were possibly descended from Australopithecus or more likely from Kenyanthropus), were prevalent. Paranthropus first appeared roughly 2 million years ago, just before the beginning of the Pleistocene. Most species of Paranthropus had a brain about 40 percent of the size of modern man."

      Provides a chart of hominids, including humans, at the bottom of the page. 03-06

  17. -04-29-06 Worst Draught in 20 Years Hits East Africa (ABC News)
      "The Horn of Africa is facing its worst drought in two decades, and nearly 6 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya are at risk of dying. In recent days the much-anticipated seasonal rains have arrived in some parts of the region, but it's not nearly enough and in many places the sudden rains have led to flash flooding." 04-06

  18. Jeff Skoll, Billionaire With a Heart (ABC News)
      "Skoll helps Satyarthii transport people from bondage to freedom. So far, Satyarthii has freed some 67,000 victims of criminally forced labor — largely children — and provided them with homes and an education."

      "Skoll also funds Martin Fisher, who invented a $50 manual water pump to help subsistence farmers in Kenya. The simple contraption works like a Stairmaster, and allows farmers to cheaply irrigate their land."

      " 'On average, people's farm income is going up by a factor of 10 when they get one of these pumps, transforming their lives, moving them from poverty into the middle class,' said Fisher." 07-06

  19. Heroes of the Environment (
      "We call the men and women on the following pages heroes, but they could just as easily be called speakers for the planet, a planet that is hanging, as one of them put it years ago, in the balance. Some are prophets of peril, like Australian scientist and activist Tim Flannery, who has ceaselessly warned of the dangers of climate change. Others diagnose our planet's ills, like D.P. Dobhal, who scales the shrinking glaciers of the Himalayas to track the globe's warming in real time. There are those ready with solutions, like Abul Hussam, a Bangladeshi chemist who found a simple, life-saving way to purify poisoned water. And there are those with a gift for bringing such solutions to the wider world, like solar tycoon Shi Zhengrong, who became one of the richest men in China by tapping the power of the sun."

      "They range from one end of this endangered earth to the other — from Kenya to Korea, Britain to Brazil, Canada to China. By their words and their actions, by their votes and even their checkbooks, TIME's environmental heroes have stepped into the silence, and in doing so, have given the earth a voice. It remains for the rest of us to listen — and join them." 10-07

  20. Peifer, Steve - Champion for Children (CNN News)
      "When Steve and Nancy Peifer lost a child, they accepted an invitation to work at a mission in Kenya. After their trip, they couldn't get the image of starving children out of their heads, so they decided to go back and stay."

      "Steve Peifer, a former software manager at Oracle, determined that three days without food brought a considerable decline in school attendance and figured that with three-quarters of a pound of maize plus 40 grams of beans per child, those numbers could turn around." 12-07

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