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  1. Technical SCORM (
      "SCORM stands for 'Sharable Content Object Reference Model'."

      "SCORM is composed of three sub-specifications:"

      "The Content Packaging section specifies how content should be packaged and described. It is based primarily on XML."

      "The Run-Time section specifies how content should be launched and how it communicates with the LMS. It is based primarily on ECMAScript (JavaScript)."

      "The Sequencing section specifies how the learner can navigate between parts of the course (SCOs). It is defined by a set of rules and attributes written in XML." 04-12

  2. -Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator (
      Estimates how many tons of CO2 you emit into the air each year and how many trees it would take to absorb your emissions.

      CO2 Level Alert:

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