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  1. Grammar (Lokke)

  2. Grammar Resources ( - Shields)
      Provides resources for grammar, citations, and ESL.

  3. Grammar Worksheets (Jansegers) 9-99

  4. Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets (Jansegers) 9-99

  5. Grammar Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides worksheets by parts of speech. Also provides worksheets for improving vocabulary and for dealing with a few key sounds. 8-01

  6. Russian Grammar (Bucknell University - Beard)
      Provides lessons by parts of speech. 7-02

  7. English Lessons in Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading (
      Provides 30 lessons for ESL students.

  8. Grammar and Style Guide (Lynch)
      Provides a guide. 10-09

  9. Elements of Style (Strunk)
      This classic, first published in 1918, provides the elements of English usage.

  10. -Errors - Common Errors in English (Brians) star
      Provides common word usage errors and explains. Also has a section on "non-errors." 2-01

  11. French Lessons and Culture ( - Lawless)
      Provides French lessons, grammar, punctuation, and more on the language. Also presents the French culture. 4-00

  12. "Standard American" Dialect - Correct American (
      "Linguist Edward Finegan of the University of Southern California looks at the debate over 'correct' American by describing how the two main schools of thought about language - descriptivism and prescriptivism - differ:"

      "Descriptive grammarians ask the question, 'What is English (or another language) like? What are its forms and how do they function in various situations?' By contrast, prescriptive grammarians ask, 'What should English be like? What forms should people use and what functions should they serve?' " 3-05

  13. Effect vs. Affect (Merriam-Webster)
      Defines "effect." Provides a short video (to the right) describing the difference between "effect" and "affect." Affect generally refers to emotions.

  14. Effect vs. Affect (Merriam-Webster)
      Defines "affect." Provides a short video (to the right) describing the difference between "effect" and "affect." Affect generally refers to emotions.

  15. Pets for the Classroom (
      "Pets in the Classroom, a grant program sponsored by The Pet Care Trust, provides educational grants to teachers in grades Pre-K through 8 to purchase new pets, pet environments or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets. Teachers can obtain a grant or coupon for the purchase of a classroom aquarium through an online application process and direct, hassle free grants. The Pets in the Classroom program offers grants up to $150.00 for new pets and pet supplies. Also, teachers can apply for a sustaining grant of $50.00 to purchase additional supplies for current classroom pets."

      "Kids benefit from exposure to pets in the classroom in ways that help to shape their lives for years to come. Pets encourage nurturing, help build self esteem, teach responsibility and pets become friends! Our goal is to establish healthy child-pet relationships at an early age by supporting responsible pet care in grammar and middle school classrooms across the country."

  16. -Outputs of Biomass Pyrolysis (
      "Pyrolysis is thermal degradation either in the complete absence of oxidizing agent, or with such a limited supply that gasification does not occur to an appreciable extent or may be described as partial gasification. Relatively low temperature are employed of 500 to 800 C, compared to 800 to 1000 C in gasification. Three products are usually produced: gas, pyrolysis oil and charcoal, the relative proportions of which depend very much on the pyrolysis method, the characteristics of the biomass and the reaction parameters."

      Editor's Note: The article needs some editing for grammar. 03-14

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