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  1. Europa - Jupiter Moon May Have Water (NASA Science)
      Provides an article about the possibility of water, and therefore life, on Europa. 8-00

  2. French Courses in France (
      Provides courses available by region of France. 7-03

  3. Extreme Life Forms Found Under Ice (USA Today)
      "The microbes thrive despite 8 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, 20% salinity in the brine and high concentrations of ammonia and sulfur. They likely live off of chemical reactions with hydrogen in the lake water. The lake and its unusual bugs, the researchers suggest, help show that life could survive elsewhere on frozen worlds beyond our own planet. According to the study, the find 'is a potential analog for habitats on other icy worlds,' such as Jupiter's moon Europa or Saturn's geyser-spewing moon Enceladus."

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