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  1. Corn Stover Yield (
      "Corn Stover, the material remaining on the surface after the grain is collected, is the largest underutilized crop in the U.S. About 250 million dry tons, dt, is grown annually, triple the amount 50 years ago. Removing the excess after soil erosion needs are met can reduce the need to till, increase farmer income and provide 100 million dt or more for the production of fuels, chemicals and materials."

      "One pass harvest of both grain and stover, wet storage and rail transport to the processor appear to be advantageous, with a delivered cost of $30/dt while returning more than $30/acre net income to the farmer." 06-09

  2. Soil for Life (
      "Soil is becoming endangered, and this reality needs to be part of our collective awareness in order to feed nine billion people by 2050, say experts meeting in Reykjavík."

      " 'Keeping and putting carbon in its rightful place,' needs to be the mantra for humanity if we want to continue to eat, drink and combat global warming, concluded 200 researchers from more than 30 countries."

      "In the past 40 years, 30 percent of the planet's arable (food-producing) land has become unproductive due to erosion. Unless this trend is reversed soon, feeding the world's growing population will be impossible." 06-13

  3. Earth Science (Glencoe)
      Provides activities and solutions. Topics include the nature of science, matter and its changes, minerals, rocks, views of the earth, weathering and soil, erosional forces, and water erosion. 11-99

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