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  1. Cerebral Palsy Resources (Family Village)
      Provides resources for cerebral palsy. 5-01

  2. Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis (
      Provides articles on diagnosis of cerebral palsy. 12-01

  3. Cerebral Palsy (
      Describes the symptoms of cerebral palsy. 12-01

  4. Cerebral Palsy Symptoms (
      Describes the symptoms of the various types of cerebral palsy. 12-01

  5. Cerebral Palsy

  6. Cerebral Palsy Resources (
      Describes resources for cerebral palsy, including financial assistance, Living with Cerebral Palsy, cerebral palsy types and causes, a blog, and more. 06-16

  7. The Projected Image: A History of Disability in Films (
      "TCM's exploration of disability in cinema includes many Oscar-winning and nominated films, such as An Affair to Remember (1957), in which Deborah Kerr's romantic rendezvous with Cary Grant is nearly derailed by a paralyzing accident; A Patch of Blue (1965), with Elizabeth Hartman as a blind white girl who falls in love with a black man, played by Sidney Poitier; Butterflies Are Free (1972), starring Edward Albert as a blind man attempting to break free from his over-protective mother; and Gaby: A True Story (1987), the powerful tale of a girl with cerebral palsy trying to gain independence as an artist; Johnny Belinda (1948), starring Jane Wyman as a "deaf-mute" forced to defy expectations; The Miracle Worker (1962), starring Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan and Patty Duke as Helen Keller; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), with Jack Nicholson as a patient in a mental institution and Louise Fletcher as the infamous Nurse Ratched; The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), the post-War drama starring Fredric March, Myrna Loy and real-life disabled veteran Harold Russell; and Charly (1968), with Cliff Robertson as an intellectually disabled man who questions the limits of science after being turned into a genius." 10-12

  8. -07-26-05 Girl Cannot Speak - But Now Can Sing (ABC News)
      "A touchpad on Pyszka's wheelchair, which sits next to her head, is connected to her computer. Using her head, Pyszka clicks on words and phrases. The technology allowed the teenager who loves to compose music to actually perform it." 7-05

  9. Retraining the Brain Therapies (CBS News)
      Merzenich is a leading developer of therapies based on what's called brain plasticity, which he defines as, 'the capacity of the brain to change itself. It actually changes physically, functionally, in ways that you can measure.' " "

      " 'There are no drugs and no surgery involved," Taub says. 'Nevertheless you get a very substantial treatment effect without any side effects.' " 12-05

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