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  1. Egypt - Map of the Ancient Sumer Region

  2. Countries and Regions

  3. Ecology Conferences by Region (Earth Charter Inititative)
      Provides a brief description of programs by region.

  4. Animals by Region (Kids' Planet)
      Provides factsheets on animals, by region of the world. Includes drawings of the animals.

  5. Preventing Conflict and Warfare by Region (Forum on Early Warning and Early Response)
      Provides historical context and analysis of regions of conflict in order to prevent further conflict or warfare. Uses PDF format. 1-02

  6. Regions

  7. -05-01-06 Sen. Biden Proposes Partitioning Iraq into Three Regions (MSNBC News)
      "The senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee proposed Monday that Iraq be divided into three separate regions Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni with a central government in Baghdad." 05-06

  8. -01-04-14 Al Qaeda-Linked Militants Control Key Iraqi Region (
      "Iraqi tribes have joined government forces in battling al Qaeda militants, who seized control of much of the western cities Fallujah and Ramadi Friday."

      "The sectarian violence between the Shiite-led government and minority Sunnis is the worst Iraq has suffered since American troops left the country in 2011. 'The situation is very bad,' said a former governor of the Anbar region, and also confirmed that al Qaeda had taken control." 01-14

  9. -001 National Climate Assessment Results by Region (Christian Science Monitor)
      "The latest US National Climate Assessment, released May 6, 2014, represents the most comprehensive attempt yet to assess the current effects of human-triggered climate change on America, to set out the anticipated effects if global greenhouse-gas concentrations (mainly carbon dioxide) continue to rise unchecked, and to explore efforts to curb emissions and adapt to climate change." 05-14

  10. Maps of different regions of the World (University of Texas)
      Caution - each will generally take a long time to load.

  11. Portland - Regional Research Institute for Human Services (PSU)
      Provides resources on improving the environment.

  12. Maps of Continents and Regions - Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides blank maps for filling in. 8-01

  13. Countries by Region - Includes Maps (
      Provides an overall profile of each country and includes special sections on traveling, history, environment, culture, news, attractions, costs, and much more. Also includes a map of the country with links to major cities. 9-01

  14. Pictures Search (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory)
      Provides a search engine for child-safe pictures. 1-02

  15. Pictures of Famous Places By Region, Country, and City (
      Provides pictures of many of the tourist spots of the world. 5-02

  16. Kashmir Region

  17. Regional Educational Laboratories
      Provides information on the national system of education laboratories, centers designed to provide assistance to K-12 schools. 2-01

  18. Ementoring - Assessing the Potential of Ementoring (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - Fulop)
      "The purposes of this e-resource are to overview some of the key issues related to ementoring and to assist your program think about the implications of ementoring as a strategy to meet the needs of the youth that your agencies serve." 2-02

  19. Ementoring - Website Development for Mentoring Programs (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - Garringer)
      "This article is meant to be a basic overview of the nuts and bolts of getting your program's website up and running, and brief look at some of the valuable ways your site can help your program succeed." 2-02

  20. Mentoring Publications (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - National Mentoring Center)
      Provides five articles or guides to assist mentoring programs. 2-02

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