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  1. Acid Rain Report (UMAC - OCP)
      Describes the threat of acid rain. 4-02

  2. Acid Rain and Ecosystems ( - Dirtmeister)
      "How does 'acid rain' affect ecosystems?" 07-06

  3. -07-17-07 China Tries to Go Green (MSNBC News)
      "China's deputy director of State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) added, 'One-third of China's land mass is affected by acid rain. Over 300 million rural residents have no access to clean drinking water. One-third of urban residents breathe heavily polluted air.' "

      "The report warned, "Thanks to the traditional model of economic development – which is energy intensive, heavily polluting and relies on high levels of consumption – China has become the world's largest consumer of water, largest emitter of waste water and one of the three areas in the world worst affected by acid rain." 07-07

  4. Burning Coal a Leading Cause of Air Toxics (
      "Burning coal is a leading cause of smog, acid rain, global warming, and air toxics." 10-07

  5. -04-18-08 Carbon Reduction in Coal (
      "Coal plants usually have a 50-year operational life, which means that fossil fuels will be with us for a long time. Unless we can figure out a way to take carbon out of coal — the way we've managed to clean other pollutants, like acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide, using scrubbers —we'll never beat climate change. Ergo Exergy wants to mitigate the damage. The company's underground coal gasification technology burns coal into gas directly in its underground seams, which saves the environmental cost of mining." 04-08

  6. Cap and Trade Environmentalism (
      "For many environmentalists, the idea of essentially recognizing a company's right to pollute — even while requiring them to reduce that pollution — was anathema, as if it made some form of pollution O.K. But you can't argue with results — emissions of SO2 and NO have dropped drastically, as has acid rain. Emissions trading worked because by pricing the air, it helps drive innovation towards pollution control and efficiency, funded in part by the value of the emissions trading market. (Companies that spent to lower their emissions beneath the cap could recoup that investment by selling their excess emissions credits.) Just as importantly, it did so on the cheap, at a cost considerably beneath early estimates." 04-08

  7. -08-12-11 DNA Building Blocks Found in Meteorites (
      "Scientists have been finding evidence of life inside meteorites for well over 100 years — that, or the building blocks of life. The claims of life have been debunked every time, most recently just this past March. It always turns out to be a wishful interpretation of chemicals, minerals and tiny structures inside the meteorite that could be the fossilized husks of long-dead bacteria — but almost certainly aren't."

      "The building blocks, though, have proved a lot more convincing. As far back as the 1960s, it was clear that amino acids, which link up to form proteins, can and do form in space. And now scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., are claiming that another set of molecules crucial to life have also rained down on Earth: adenine and guanine, two of the four so-called nucleobases that, along with cytosine and thymine, form the rungs of DNA's ladder-like structure." 08-11

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