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  1. Flirting - For Those Out of Practice (
      "If you are recently divorced or have lost a spouse, facing the world of flirting can be an exciting but overwhelming experience that you haven’t dealt with since your days as a giggling teenager." 11-06

  2. Speed Plating (
      "For $100, participants got a four-course meal at Tree, a quaint bistro in New York's East Village, with 20 minutes per course to wine and dine a potential love match. Meal choices had been filed online beforehand, eliminating the ordering onus." 08-10

  3. Steps to Meeting Someone (MSN Match)
      "It’s all about being able to chat people up—wherever, whenever the opportunity strikes. Here’s a simple plan for doing just that."

      Awesome Library does not endorse this advice, but provides it as an example. 11-05

  4. The Science of Flirting (
      "Flirting is a decaf affair, a way of feeling more alive, more vital, more desirable without actually endangering the happiness of anyone you love--or the balance of your bank account. So go ahead and flirt, if you can do it responsibly. You might even try it with your spouse." 05-09

  5. Wingwoman Gives Men Tips (CNN News)
      "You have to think about picking up girls the exact same way you think about picking up a box. You just do it. Seriously." 07-11


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